Bomerano to Positano

Transfer from Bomerano to Positano

A private transfer from Bomerano to Positano is what you need if you are planning to do the unique Path of Goth on the Amalfi Coast. Are you planning to explore the unique ‘Path of the Gods’ trail along the Amalfi Coast? Are you unsure as to the way to get to your hotel from the trail head? If your answer to both these queries is an emphatic YES, you do not need to look any further. Positano Travel Service offers private transfer from Bomerano to Positano.

The ‘Path of the Gods’ trail is an exceptionally long one. This world famous trekking trail takes around three to four hours to complete on foot. However, the stunning views from this high altitude of the natural beauty of the Amalfi Coast from the Punta Licosa to the Island of Capri more than make up for the exhausting walk. There are plenty of options to travel from Positano to Bomerano for those who want to enjoy the trail but for the return journey, there is no direct public transportation route.

When you arrive at the end of the trail in Nocelle, you have two options to reach Positano – there is a long staircase with around 1,000 steps that you can take or you can opt for a bus service. However, these two options are not feasible after the tiring trek long the trail. In such a case, a private transfer from Bomerano to Positano is the best choice because you get to travel in comfort from the trail end to your hotel in Positano.

What to expect when you book a transfer from Bomerano to Positano from Positano Travel Service?

  • A wide range of cars to choose from including Station Wagons, Mercedes, Sedans, Minivans and much more.
  • Pre-booking of the transfer from Bomerano to Positano.
  • No hidden charges other than the price mentioned.
  • An experienced driver to guide you throughout the trip.

Why go for the complicated routes to Positano when you can simply book a private transfer to make your journey even more memorable?

Book your transfer from Bomerano to Positano today!

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